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Toxic Habits Keeping You From Success

Toxic Habits Keeping You From Success

Toxic Habits Keeping You From Success? Building successful habits is not an easy task especially when your mind has been set a certain way for so long…

Bad habits can convert to becoming a lifestyle of bad choices that lead to failed attempts at success.

This year, I committed to mastering good and productive habits in my own life because I have learned that being inspirational starts with mastering your own good habits first.

I have discovered that there are 3- 5 toxic habits that can keep us all from our own levels of success that we are reaching for…

They are:

  1. No consistent schedules. 
  2. Bad connections.
  3. Unhealthy thoughts.

Ok… so here is a proven secret sauce that will help you get the toxicity out of your life.

1. Change your mindset. (Your Mindset Is Your Way of Thinking) this affects everything that you do.

2. Create positive reinforcements. (Affirmations, Anchor Reminders) are great to start.

3. Meditation. (This helps you to refocus yourself when you get off track)

4. Create a healthy Tribe. (Birds of a feather flock together and bad company corrupts what is good)

5. Identify your toxic ways. (Keep it real about what is not working in your life. The truth will make you free)

6. Master routines. (We are creatures of habit. You must practice so you can perfect)

7. Do one thing at a time. (The way that you do one thing is the way you do everything)

In Conclusion,

Learn how to not become too hard on yourself while you are developing the better habits that you desire. Remember life is best lived taking on one step at a time. Enjoy your processes in life because they will help you show others coming behind you the way.

Hey if it worked for me…I have faith that it can work for you.

Grab my free building Intentional Lady 66-Day Journal to keep you on point.

I believe in you!

Be sure to leave a comment to let me know how these mindset hacks have worked to help you to have a healthier way of thinking.

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