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Are you a Late Bloomer? | Pivoting as an Aspiring Entrepreneur Tips

Have you ever felt like a late bloomer? Have you ever felt late in your arrival toward your different purposes in life? Have you felt stuck in your ladyhood experiences?
Maybe you have been chasing your dreams at becoming the best entrepreneur, wife, and mom? Have you ever felt as though it would take forever for you to arrive at some of the places that God says you should be at already?


let me let you know that you are not alone. Recently I found myself wondering if I was a late bloomer in some areas of my life. I honestly began to wonder about some of my God-ordained arrivals. Would I ever reach some of them? Should I even be trying? Right when I began to drown in that great big pool of deception because of my negative thinking.  I made a choice to shake myself while declaring to myself what I knew to be the truth about who I was, and above all, I choose to believe what God has said and showed me to be true about myself. 

According to, people often tend to get stuck when making life improvements, such as finding a new job or switching careers because they believe it’s necessary to follow a plan-and-prepare-first method. They analyze all the options, set goals, and create a well-thought-out, perfect plan. This may have worked well while attending school and feel like a logical way to approach a new endeavor. However, many major life improvements and career trajectories rarely have clear paths or destinations. If you don’t know where you are going, it’s really difficult to create a map.

Also, since smart women often do things well, people often rely on them, whether it’s juggling multiple responsibilities or projects at work or caring for family. You may often put others first and not have the time to focus on yourself. This can lead women to feel overloaded and depleted and make it more difficult to try something new.

Sometimes we can find ourselves taking the wrong roads in life that lead to us being stagnant. We sometimes take roads that lead to our own demise. Roads that appear to make us think that we have stalled and won’t make it to our God-ordained destinations. I want to share the truth…Are you ready?
Here it is! Once God puts you into the place and position that He has ordained you to thrive in, guess what? You win before you even arrive. You win by honoring the truth of who God says that you are in him.
You win by honoring God through faith that you have been fueled with each day by His grace and mercy.
You soar by knowing that the power of God resides inside of you and His power will enable you to make it to your place of destiny and success. You win by continuing to move forward on your personal journey.
If you haven’t figured out that you have the power inside of you to move forward in life, let me be the first to tell you that you do! Get empowered. Learn to refuel! Become pumped to continue to move forward toward your God-ordained destinations. Often times we take a look at the obstacles in front of us as the end of our road in life. We can choose to be so dramatic at times.
Instead of trying to see what’s true, we choose to shift toward lies. We are dramatic when we choose to just throw away all our hopes, dreams, and aspirations because of a few pruning seasons that may not be as productive in our eyes as others.
We must learn to look at obstacles in life as opportunities to build our strength. You can learn how to stand on the very thing that was placed in your way to being disguised as a roadblock. I am telling you that if you change your view of your struggle it can indeed become a stepping stone. So let me help to change your view while equipping you with some new vocabulary!
You are not a late bloomer!
You are right on time, as long as you make a choice each day to show up! Bloom!
The next time your critter brain starts talking…
simply take control of your thinking by shifting your focus toward the truth.
Don’t allow the voice of the enemy to crowd the voice of God in your life. Be sure to drown it out with the truth.

Here are a few tips and some ammunition to help you strategize your next moves:

Strategy #1. A Made-up Mind: Make up in your mind each day to choose to focus on the purpose in front of you. Whatever God has given you to be successful keep that in front of you as your main view.

Strategy #2. Find your Tribe: Connect to those that keep your fuel burning. Even when you don’t feel as though you can connect. Make an effort to always stay connected so you do not become isolated, easy kill a roaring hungry devil.
Strategy #3. Connect to the Source: Read God’s word and meditate on it. This simply means to wait in the word daily so that you can become freshly reminded of who you really are in God each day. This is why the word of God is our daily bread. We eat daily to stay refreshed daily.

In Conclusion,

My desire is to have you walk away from this blog post feeling empowered to know that everything happens only in God’s timing in our lives. Be sure to put these tips into practice to get the results you deserve. I pray this helped. I’d love to continue to keep you encouraged!
I always love hearing from you so comment below.
Remember! You are a light in the World! Shine Bright!
With lots of Love.
Tamia Denise xoxo
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