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Struggling to make content in your online business? Are you maybe thinking that you know What Content is and what content Marketing is? But do you really. I am going to teach you how to get clear on what content is and how content marketing can scale your online business. No more content hamsters wheel. It’s time to create intentional and purposeful content.

It was totally not clear to me exactly what content was, the purpose, and why I was creating it. And so, as I got clear and totally 100% down with what content was and how I needed to be able to market my content in my business, to create that visibility that I needed. When I became more intentional things changed in my life and online business. I began to see results!

You have to understand that in anything that you do, you’d need a strategic plan in order to scale if you’re really serious about making that impact. I want to help you to get clear on exactly what content is…

Content is any kind of resource, any resources that you put out for your targeted audience to be able to consume such as blogging posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, emails, visual content, eBooks, and also lead magnets. 

Anything that you produce on your platforms in the online space gives value to those that are consuming it. And I want to be clear about the fact that the people that are consuming your content, you want to be your targeted audience. So the content that you are going to create is going to be for those that you want to be funneled into your content marketing plan.


CONTENT IS Married to content marketing, most oftentimes I see content creators that are putting out content, but you can tell that there’s no strategic plan behind their content is old. That’s where content marketing absolutely comes in. So content marketing really helps you to be able to improve your conversions. Meaning let’s say that the people that you want, meaning your content helps the people that you want to be able to consume your content.


allows for you to be able to educate your leads or your customers or your clients with your content. So when you create your continent, you get into the system of marketing your content. What you’re doing is creating trustworthy relationships with your ideal targeted audience so that they can become educated and absolutely trust you to consume your content. Now, I got about three tips that I’m going to give you so that you can really get the ball rolling and become totally intentional when it comes to your content creation as a creator, it’s important for you to understand that you have to be totally clear about the platform that you want to be visible on when it comes to you pumping out your content for your targeted audience.


one of the consistent platforms that I show up on two times a week, Wednesdays, and also Fridays is the YouTube platform. What I’m doing is fostering relationships with those with that I want to be connected on the YouTube platform. When you get clear on what particular platform you want to keep showing up on, then you’ll easily learn the behaviors of those targeted audiences or those customers that you want to be able to create a relationship with and are absolutely content with.

Here are a few tips that will help you create content that matters in your business.

TIP: 1 Be Consistent

If you’ve been in content creation for one day or 10 years, you’ll quickly realize that you’ll get worn out and tired. And in the industry, especially in the digital online marketing space, you quickly find that you hear a lot of talk about being tired and being on the content hamster wheel. And so you’re just sporadically putting content out into the world, maybe like once every month. And then you kind of show up, then that’s fine. If you’re looking at your content creation as maybe an inspirational hobby, then you can absolutely do that. But if you’re looking to scale as an online business builder, you have to keep showing up so that people will consistently show up for you.

TIP 2:  Optimize your content:

You are going to optimize the heck out of your content. And I say that so strongly because it’s super important to make sure that you are optimizing your content by repurposing it. How many ways can you use one piece of content?


There you have it…by applying these steps in your content marketing strategy, your business and online presence is going to absolutely blow up.

  I want to go ahead and tell you about an amazing productivity tool that I created, that you can go ahead and add to your business building library.



So whether you are a YouTuber that does any kind of videos, a blogger, a digital creator, a digital marketer like myself, or if you want to create eBooks or lead magnets or podcasts, this system is a system that you need to be able to take your online business to the next level and might not let you know that I created it at an amazing price of $37 Dollars!

No more wasting time, CREATING MEANINGLESS CONTENT in your business.

The lady boss system is here to be able to help you pump out your content with absolute purpose.

Grab “The Lady Boss Content” system HERE to get started in your online content creation and business building.


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I believe in you!

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