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How To Find Your Niche & How To Make It Profitable

Did you know that you could find your niche and make it profitable?

A niche is the one essential thing that you need to know to get you thriving in your business.

It’s the thing that helps you focus on discovering your ideal client avatar or audience.

I think that the first time that I heard that I needed a niche for my business, I became completely annoyed.

It kind of felt like one more thing to do to make my business work but, on the other hand, I was a tad bit intrigued about the opportunity to really be sure that I was connecting to my community or avatar person.

Sometimes as entrepreneurs we can find ourselves kinda shooting in the dark with regards to us making strategic moves toward reaching milestones in our businesses

As a result, we ended up way off track. Can you relate to this?


How To Find Your Niche


I am super grateful that I did not allow for my critter brain to not allow me to do the needed research that I needed to do to find my niche in my business endeavors.

If you have not discovered your niche quite yet let me assure you that it will take some intentional work and focus, but once you really put on your detective hat and you start listening to your audience and the language that they speak you will discover more clarity on who you are serving in your business.

sometimes when people are searching for their audience, they tend to focus on a very broad scope of an audience initially because they are still trying to figure things out.

For instance,

if you are a multi-passionate person like me you must remember to train yourself to get focusing on one thing at a time.

You never want to be labeled as the jack of all trades and master of none.

Though this process will take time here are a few tips that will help you get to discover your niche faster.

  1. You want to be sure about what you are passionate about by really finding the thing you love to do. (This will connect you to the audience that you will love to serve)
  2. Discover your know-how. (The things that you are good at doing) Examples: Making fancy lunches, Keeping your house tidy, or giving great advice)
  3. Describe the thing that you are good at. (You will need to know what you are good at to draw your audience with a hook) Example: If you are a fitness coach: I am looking to help women over 50 lose weight in 10 days.
  4. Identify the people’s problems you can serve. (This will help you to identify people’s pain points and create a need for them to have you help them with your service)

In conclusion,

As you work on the points that I have given you be sure to keep in mind that it is ok if your answers to these things change over time. This will help you to realize that you are honing in on your niche and really finding it.

Remember this process of discovering your niche doesn’t have to be a grueling one. Take the process one step at a time remember that you are running your own race.

Grab my latest journal to help you develop new healthy entrepreneurship habits here:

This will help you to stay on track with your goals toward finding your niche.

Let me know below in the comments what your niche may be.

Check out my video below that will give you even more direction on discovering your niche.

I believe in you!

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