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How To Organize Your Life As a #Ladyentrepreneur

Most times the success that we desire in our lives is not achieved because of the inability for us to be able to remain organized.

Now it’s important to mention that planning your own life successes is super important. It is absolutely a must. It is not enough for you just to be motivated by the success that you see other people achieving within their lives, because doing that can be super frustrating.

As you are walking your own path, achieving your own personal goals. Having a proactive mindset just simply means that you’re the type of person that usually likes to be proactive and on top of things, rather than reactive to the situations that occur within your life, a proactive mindset is not inborn, but it is something that is developed through consistency and absolutely through hard work. As a wife, a mom, an online business builder, a leader in my local church, and also a lady entrepreneur in the online space. It is super imperative and it is a must that I stay in a very proactive mindset.


I believe that there’s no such thing as balance. And if you are a real person and you have real circumstances that come up in your life, if you’re a wife, a mom, a boss, then you recognize it. This is the absolute truth. No matter how much we try as human beings to make sure that we cross every T and dot every I life will inevitably always happen. So my perspective of teaching you some of the systems that I’ve implemented in my life and also in my business to keep things organized are based on a, what you can consistently do in terms of the habits that you developed to get these things done. 


But then at the same time, we definitely want to keep room in space, especially in terms of our thinking so that if anything does come up, we don’t go crazy about it. Now it’s important to realize that some of the systems that I’m going to share with you have developed as I’ve gone along the way, some things have worked well, um, in terms of different things that are tried, but some of the systematic things that I do to keep my life and business organized came from my development as a young girl. And so there are certain things that my family instilled within me that caused me to become who it is that I am today.


These are the tips that will help you create and sustain a more organized life as a lady boss. 



 I usually use time blocking to be able to keep up with dentist appointments or doctors’ appointments within my time block schedule calendar.

Now, since I have different appointments that are on a habitual basis, what happens is that this time block schedule gives me the opportunity to be able to get consistent alerts to my phone and also to my desktop computer and my iPad because everything is connected to the same system. Use this tip to gain a foundation in organizing everything in your schedule. Here is a link to get started:


I placed this organizer right next to my bedside so that before I go to sleep, I have the opportunity to be able to jot down the things that I need to do for the next day. Now, the reason why this is super important in terms of staying organized is that it’s important to make sure that your mind is organized as well. Here are a few you could pick up from my amazon influencer store:


 Now I think that some people think that journaling is for a baby, like little girls, but a lot of people, especially people that are in the space of encouraging people in terms of coaching or in terms of business coaching or any kind of motivational self-development space, they find that journaling is an absolutely amazing way for you to be able to clear your thoughts.  Grab my new journal Here:


Now there’s a trendy thing that a lot of YouTubers do as well as people that are in that online coaching space. And it has to do with something called morning pages. Now with morning pages, you literally sit with your thoughts for about 15 to 30 minutes in like a meditational state. This is a great journaling routine to put into place to keep your thoughts organized.


I believe that in order for you to keep things on track and super organized you must totally connect to having a mindset shift. The progress that you make each day will happen when you make a choice every day to make it happen. 

So there you have it, the tips you need to organize your life as a #ladyentrepreneur 

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I believe in you!

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