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Mom & Work Life Balance | Productivity Tips & Hacks To Help Now!

Your definition of balance and someone else’s might be totally different, but what is really important is finding out what works for you in your life. As A Mom & Entrepreneur + a Youtuber life is super busy…But I have learned how to get everything done.


I hear it all the time to me. How do you do it? How do you balance being an online business builder, a mom, just all of the different things? How do you make it happen?


I think that when you are trying to learn how to get different things together in your life, or quote-unquote balance, or doing the balancing act, it’s important that you come up with exactly what you perceive the balance to be.

And that’s going to look totally different than what I believe it’s going to be. And mainly because of the fact that most people value different things in their life at different levels. So for me, what’s a priority in my life. Number one is God. And then my family, and then my work life as an online entrepreneur.

So for you, that might look totally different, which is why we can not define balance as the exact same thing. But once you’re able to finally decide what balance is for you, then you can begin to work from there to create that balance within your life as a mom or either an online business builder or even as a regular working mom, you’ll have your own definition of what that looks like.

Here are the tricks, the tips, the hacks on how exactly I have balanced all of the things as a mom, and also online business building.


 If you’re the type of person that loves to lend a helping hand or to help people in different areas of their lives, it can be kind of hard. But when you have goals in mind, and there are certain things that you are trying to reach in terms of different successes in your life, you have to learn how to save, say, no, you can’t always take the phone call.
You can’t always do the favor because you might be in a tunnel vision place that is teaching you how to develop different habits so that you can reach your goals. If you never reach your goals, then more than likely you need to probably check if you’ve been saying yes, too much to the people in your life, you need to start saying no.


How can you get different productive things done in your life? If you’re always watching TV now, I understand, that maybe you’re not on this path of trying to create this amazing boss life, or you’re not interested in online entrepreneurship endeavors, because that’s not something that everybody is trying to do, but at the same time, especially if you’re alone, you should have some kind of productive lifestyle so that your children will be able to learn those productivity habits and they can be as productive when they become older as well. And so, I want to encourage you to put the remote down or either put it down on your tablet or turn off Netflix. There’s a time and place for that. But when you are trying to achieve being productive, those are things that you have to kind of say no to on a consistent basis.

Tip 3:  READ MORE:

Reading helps us to become more educated and inspired. Now, one thing that I oftentimes have talked about in the past is that I’m more than likely within my day, do not have time to be able to sit down in a book, or nook, and read whatever I want to. And so what I’ve learned how to do is download a whole bunch of audiobooks.
And so, I’ve gotten through so many books just in these short six months of the new year, and this is something that you can do to make sure that you’re staying on top of your reading. Your reading just helps your mind to become stretched and you learn new things. And it’s absolutely fabulous. Like I feel so stressed in my mind when I’m listening to my audio base because I’m learning new things in my field or just in terms of life just being a woman.



I’m going to have you journal more, you have to write your thoughts down, right? Because you want to make sure that you’re in the know about where you are mentally and sometimes that’s hard to achieve.
And we do not write it down. You want to be able to know where you were last year versus where you are today. And so I’ve heard people call journaling free therapy now to sit with my therapist is $80 per session. And at the end of that hour, she’s hitting that little buzzeR and she’s going to send you the bill.
So you’re not in a position where you can pay a therapist to be able to sit with them for an hour and journal your thoughts, right? Maybe you can have one of your closest girlfriends or somebody that you really trust, even maybe your husband looks over what you wrote that day. And just kind of talk through some of the things that you’ve been journaling about, but journaling is definitely something that’s super therapeutic and it keeps us balanced as white as moms, and also in terms of work-life and entrepreneurship and all that stuff.

In Conclusion,

The road to perfecting the balancing act is hard. But in the midst of this challenge, you can develop healthy habits of productivity that can cause you to become consistent in your press for balance.

So there you have it! Mom & Work-Life Balance | Productivity Tips & Hacks To Help Now!

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