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Succesful Morning Routine

Do you have a morning routine that keeps you on track?

Here is the truth about morning routines…

Having a morning routine is not the easiest thing in the world to do…Especially if you have children, a spouse, or other obligations. Though there is so much power in having a morning routine they definitely take some planning and persistence.

Why do I need a morning routine?

I am glad you asked. If you are planning on reaching major milestones or goals in your life then you must have a system in place that will help you to keep momentum in place in your life and morning routines will do just that.

For example,

As a Mom and entrepreneur, I am learning how to consistently balance my life.
My Morning Routines and habits help me to get more done with all of the hats that I wear from day to day. These habits help me to be successful each day but sometimes things don’t go as planned so in these cases I just go with the flow until I am able to get back on track.

In Addition,

There are bad habits that we learn from the culture that was cultivated in our homes and the things we pick up in automatic along the way…check out my recent post on some nasty bad habits that may be keeping you from success.
I hope this inspires you to put healthy habits and routines into place within your life.
Let me help you to succeed at getting a morning routine on track for your life.

H E R E  A R E  M Y  M O R N I N G  R O U T I N E  T O O L S  &  S T R A T E G I E S

  • I MAKE THE BED: This is a consistent morning routine that helps me stay organized.
  • I HAVE A CONSISTENT HEALTH ROUTINE: My health has become a priority for me and my family. The supplement I am taking for my gut health is called RESTORE: You can purchase it here: 
  • I DO BIBLE STUDY: This Morning Routine gives me direction and helps me to talk to and hear from the Holy Spirit clearly. My bible study, devotional, and Bible I use: Devotional – Bible
  • I DO MORNING PAGES: In my morning routine morning pages help me to get my thoughts out and it helps me to take in even more positivity. Here is the journal I use: – Journal
  • I HAVE A TO-DO-LIST:  My loss keeps me on track in my morning routine. It helps me not to get lost and know what comes next. Here is my video that will help you not to procrastinate. Here is the board I use:
  • I DO A MORNING WALK:  I have committed to walking at least 3 times a week. Walking helps me to take in nature and think clearly.
  • I GET READY: I feel like so much more of a Lady BOSS when I get ready. Especially because I work from home. As a SAHM it’s important for me to look like the BOSS I am. START WORK I use it as a to-do list every single day and it is my secret to getting so much done! Here is the Mom, Wife, Boss Sign on my desk:

When things get off track with your routines…

Please be sure to simply practice re-grouping and try again…

I created a Healthy Habits Checklist

in addition, I create a journal for female entrepreneurs called The Intentional lady 66 Day Journal this is going to help you track your new habits and gain results. Grab it here:

In conclusion,

I want you to continue to reach for consistency and never get so frustrated that you stop moving forward. Moving forward is your superpower! Remember that it’s when you have no movement that will keep you at the same place in life.

Have these tips been helpful to get you started? If so, comment below and let me know if you plan on using any of my morning routine tips in your life.

Also, check out my youtube video below. I hope it inspires you along your journey.

I believe in you and the world is waiting on you! 

Tamia Denise

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