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Time Management Tips | Boss Mom Hacks | How To Get All Things Done

Want to get on track with have great time management skills?

Time management can be a struggle for most. If your strategies as a boss mom, like me you can get all the things done. I’m sharing the time management tips, and mom hacks that I use as a stay home working mom to help me get things done and find a healthy balance.

It’s not easy figuring out how to make time for everything but you can live a life that you love by getting on track with my time management tips and boss mom hacks that will help.

Ok, so let’s jump right in…

1. DEFINE YOUR TIME MANAGEMENT: Time management can honestly look so different to so many different people so it is important to be sure to find out what time your time management schedule will look like for you. When you are sure to do what works for you and your life you will be sure not to become intimidated or covet of what others are implementing in their lives.

2. STAY ORGANIZED: (Mom Hack) Being a mom is a busy task, but doing motherhood organized is what helps with time management in an amazing way. Create a TO-Do list these lists will help you stay on task with your day-to-day tasks or weekly tasks like errands. Organization will save your life.

3. OUTSOURCE YOUR TASK: As moms, in particular, we sometimes can certainly be accused of trying to do everything on our to-do list because the truth is that we believe that no one can do our tasks like us. Can I get an amen? In spite of this truth be sure to outsource your task as much as possible. Hire a maid service one time a month to do a deep clean, hire a dog walker to walk your pup, or use a grocery delivery service. No matter what you outsource you will be sure to check off your outsourced task.

4. BECOME A MULTITASKING MASTER: Now I promise you this is not a gender bias statement, but my experience has taught me that women can sometimes be better multitaskers than men. If you are a multitasking master be sure to strategically plan to put these skills to the test by getting more than one task done at a time. For example, I listen to audiobooks while getting the dishes done. Become super intentional about multitasking and be sure to get all the things done faster.

5. PRACTICE YOUR TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS: Have you ever heard the saying, practice makes perfect? I believe that there is definitely truth to this. forming a new habit can take up to 66 plus days. The more that you do anything in life the greater you will become so be sure to keep putting your skills into practice.

6. REALIZE THE REALITY: It’s important to be sure to realize that no matter what things will not be perfect. Learn to take one step at a time in creating your best time management task. Don’t beat yourself! Great things take time. Do not give up!

In Conclusion,

We all can try to do the best we can as moms, wives, and bosses each and every day. I am totally not a fan of the word balance because I believe it creates a stress response. My advice to you a wife and mom to three busy boys is to do your best as intentionally as you can. I can assure you that if you do your best you will see results in your time management skills.

I created a journal called “The Intentional Lady 66 Day Journal” that will help you create new productive habits that will help you to stay on track as a mom and boss to get all the things done on your list.

Grab the journal here:

Don’t forget,

I believe in you!

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